Prof. Dr. Rabbi Adolf KURREIN

We know a lot about Adolf thanks to his son Viktor, a translation of whose biography of Adolf appears below.

Adolf wrote many books and papers. Below are the frontpieces of two of his books.

The Jewish Encyclopaedia, 1904 - 1916 Edition, has the following entry.

KURREIN, ADOLF: Austrian Rabbi: born January 28, 1846 at Trebitsch, Moravia. He received his doctorate from the University of Vienna. He was rabbi of St Pölten in 1872, of Zinz from 18726 to 1882, or Bielitz from 1882 to 1888 and in the last-named year was called in the same capacity to Teplitz, where he is still active. Kurrein is a disciple of Adolf Jellinek. Besides several collections of sermons entitled respectively "Magid Mereshit" (1880); "Maggid le-Adam" (1882); "Patriarchenbilder: I. Abraham" (1893), he is the author of the followin pamphlets: "Die Frau in Judischen Volke" (1885; 2nd ed, Bilin, 1901); "Traum und Wahrheit," a biography of Joseph (1887); "Arbeit under Arbeiter" (1890); "Die Sociale Frage im Judentume" (1890); "Die Pflichten des Besitzes" (1892); "Der Friede" (1892); Das Kaddisch" (1896); Der Grabstein (1897); "Judaa und Rom" (1898); "Bibel, Heidentum, und Heidenbekehrung" (1899 2nd ed, 1901); "Brauchen die Juden Christenblut"" (1900); "Lichstrahlen aus den Reden Jellenek"s" prepared by him for Jellenek"s seventieth birthday.
Kurrein edited the monthly "Judische Chronik" from 1894 to 1896 with S Stern and I Zeigler and from 1897 to 1902 alone. During the last four years this journal has advocated Zionism.

Adolf also wrote a number of contributions to that Encyclopedia. See: The Jewish Encyclopedia

Adolf married Jessie LOEWE, daughter of Louis LOEWE and Emma Silberstein. (Jessie LOEWE was born on 1 June 1849 in Broadstairs and died on 25 August 1934 in Vienna.)

Jessie's father, Louis, was secretary to the Jewish philanthropist Sir Moses Montefiore. Both Adolf and Jessie were in regular contact with Sir Moses. Below is an envelope from a letter sent by Sir Moses to Adolf in 1877, which is signed on its face by Sir Moses, and a copy of the last Israeli £10 note (issued 1975) with "Moshe Montefiori" on its face.

Viktor Kurrein's biography of Adolph in Word, Acrobat (.pdf) or Web (.html) format is available here.

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